After five weeks of group courses, John signed up for private lessons with coach Gary Jones, with whom he trained with for his whole career.

John began his competitive skating career in 1996 at the age of 12. Two and a half years later, he competed in the 1999 British Novice Mens’ Championships. During the early naughties, he continued to compete in British Championships - where he placed first in the 2003 Junior Mens' Championships.

In 2001, John joining the British International Skating team in Zagreb, Croatia for the annual ‘Mladost Trophy contest where Team GB took first place, with John achieving the highest score among the British males. In the ensuing months, John took part in several Junior Grand Prix competitions.

In 2005, John was crowned the winner at the British Senior Mens’ Championships in 2005, leading him to participate in his first Senior International competition in European Championships February 2006 in Turin, Italy, before jetting to Moscow for World Championships a month later.

John regained the British Senior Mens’ crown for a further three years, before retiring from competition after the 2007 European Championships in Poland.

In his post-competition years, John joined the Russian Ice Stars for three years.

Despite having always been trained by Gary Jones in Gillingham, John has worked with numerous international coaches, including Michael and Rinata Jiranek (2005), Tatiana Tarasova (2006) and Texas-based Lorraine Boreman (2006).

In February 2011, John began coaching at Alexandra Palace ice rink in North London. Bringing together skills and techniques from domestic and international coaches - as well as his own vast knowledge of skating - John has developed a unique method of teaching skating to anyone of any age and any level of experience.