I Feel Like a Lemon!

I'm not entirely sure what my expectations were for my second lesson but they certainly didn't include a workout! The session started off nice and easy with recapping the skills I had learnt in the previous lesson. Fortunately I was saved from having to perform 'how to get up when you fall' (whilst I was confident in my ability to get up I'd rather not have a wet lower half for the next two hours).

John tries to give me something new every session to keep pushing me, well the newest task for this lesson certainly pushed me! This was the week of lemons (due to the shape that your feet create), or to the pros sculling. This involves standing with your blades together with heels touching in a "V" position. Then bending your knees and using this stance to push outward, before pulling inwards to make your toes nearly touch. I was assured that this was 'lazy skating'. I beg to differ...how can something that requires you to eke out every ounce of power from every muscle in your legs be classified as lazy? It also requires coordination, something that I am lacking in. You bend your knees and squat to push forward before pulling yourself up to bring your legs inwards and then back to a squat. Down and up, down and up...I fully expected to spend the rest of my lesson down on my bum! Lemons were hard!

Whatever I learn to do going forwards, I have to learn to do backwards and the same applies to learning to do things with both left and right legs. I tend to subscribe to the theory of if I can do it one way then just stick with that! Backwards sculling takes even more coordination and thought than going forwards! As I was going backwards I needed to look out for annoying children and adults that nip in and around you at speed, add in thinking about coordinating the down and up movement and the all important leaning forwards! All this thinking was a recipe for disaster (especially at 10.30 in the morning). Thankfully John held onto my hands so with every wobble he was able to keep me upright! 

Practising the lemons on my own for the remaining hour and half, I felt like a lemon especially as I couldn't see anyone else doing them. I also felt very self conscious as I knew my backwards sculling was hands, legs and body going in different directions! But, with practice and some stubborn determination I managed to get the hang of sculling. The trick was not to think about it and just do it. 

Diary of a New Skater :: by Sara Bertie