The Big Fall

My third lesson arrived and I had been looking forward to it all week - once the muscle aches from doing lemons had subsided - I won't lie to you, I'm sure I discovered muscle that never existed! I was eager to get on the ice, this time I knew I could show John that I could do lemons. I also felt more confident skating forwards and my stopping was getting marginally worked 50% of the time.

John also made me recap skating backwards and some time was spent on going backwards and making sure that I was leaning forwards slightly instead of  my preferred slightly backwards lean. With backwards skating my feet seemed to want to take on a life of their own and just move of their own accord. Not that I am adverse to my feet taking over but I somehow gained some speed and moving at speed (in any direction) scares me!

The new task of the day was learning to glide on one foot. Now in general the thought of skating on one foot doesn't scare me...the thought of falling over due to my awful balance does. When skating next to John and having him hold me upright, gliding on one foot was a breeze. However, when doing it all by wasn't as easy as everyone made it look.

As soon as my lesson with John was finished I was determined that by the end of the next hour and a half I would be able to glide on one foot. This determination was short lived. Whilst attempting to glide standing on my right leg (my weaker leg) I managed (in only a way that I could do) to kick the back of my right boot with my left foot. At this point the only way was down. My right leg went forwards whilst my body went backwards with the result being a spectacular crash onto the ice (picture arms and legs flailing helplessly). It was the sort of fall that if one of my friends had done it I would have been laughing too much to help them up (it's not so funny when you are the one sat on your bum). For the record, the ice is both very hard and very wet. Thankfully the only thing hurt was my pride. I was fairly certain that every single person on the ice saw my fall!

A very small part of me wanted to storm off the ice and leave, but I knew I would have to explain in my next lesson why I didn't practice the one footed glides. I knew I couldn't bring myself to tell John that I had a tantrum. I carried on for the rest of the session and I wouldn't go as far as to say that the one footed glides were perfect - in fact they weren't even good I'd say they were passable, but at least I could take one foot of the ice for a period of time (surely 5 seconds counts?).

Diary of a New Skater :: by Sara Bertie