I’m On The Edge

Four lessons in and I can honestly say that I spend the time in between my lessons itching to get back onto the ice. Even the muscle aches don't bother me so much anymore (mainly because they don't seem to last as long).

As with the previous lessons we recap the skills I have learnt so far. I do tell John about my comic fall (safe in the knowledge that I wouldn't have explain a tantrum).

For the last three lessons we have skated near the perimeter of the rink (although not too close as John assures me the barrier will only hinder my progress and only the 'crazies' skate near the barriers - he is right about the crazies!!!). So when I find myself in the middle of the rink I am a bit wary of whatever new skill I am about to learn. To me, being in the middle of the rink is akin to learning to swim and being dropped in the middle of the ocean! The barriers seem so very far away and whilst I don't skate next to the barriers when I am practicing, it's reassuring to know they are nearby.

Today's new skill is edges. Outside and inside edges. Suddenly, like a light bulb switching on, I understand why I had to learn to glide on one foot. But, (!) gliding on one foot in a straight line is very different to gliding on one foot in a circle. Even with John holding my hands, 5 seconds seems to be a personal best! I have no concept of how to make my body turn to keep skating in a circle! I am also too scared to try and skate on one foot with any degree of speed (there are snails that move faster than I do)! It's safe to say, my edges are a disaster.

No matter how much I try I really struggle to muster up the speed to sustain gliding on a curve on one foot and let's not get started on the difference between which edge I am skating on! I understand that inside edges are on the inside of the boot and outside edges are obviously the outside of the boot. What I don't know is which edge I am skating on once I take one foot off the ground. And I have no idea which arm should be in front and which one to the side...I have a severe lack of coordination when it comes to moving hands and legs! I unwillingly come to the realisation that no amount of stubborn determination is going to help me today! Today, I shall just be thankful I stayed on my feet and not my bum.

Diary of a New Skater :: by Sara Bertie